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  • The importance of education and its influence in the rest of society is evident, and Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations recognises it so, establishing education as a human right and an agent for change since it is able to shape the knowledge and behaviour of present and future generations, who are responsible of the path of humanity and the planet.

    Knowing this important role of education, Fundacion ONCE has participated in the UN SDG Springer´s Encyclopedia, focused on the Goal 11, “Sustainable Cities and Communities” whose aim is making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. In this purpose, educating population results indispensable in all stages. In first place to get better conditions of life and more opportunities of development and to get cities to meet the actual needs of all the population adapting to the current trends.

    And the result of awarning, training and educating the population including these principles will be noticeable in the whole society, starting from the way of acting and the measures carried out by governments, the professionals will include these principles in the development of their activities and finally these principles will be reflected in the society´s mindset and cities´structure.

    If you want to deep in these thoughts, visit the Springer Sustainable Cities and Communities´chapter.

    Cartel: Education for All: Education for a more Inclusive Society