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  • Slip Resistance Group of Spain is organising next “Slips, trips & falls” conference on 13th-14th February 2020 in Madrid on behalf of the “Slips, trips and falls” Technical Committee of the International Ergonomics Association.

    The International Ergonomics Association “Slips, trips and falls” Technical Committee has already held many conferences in different countries of Europe and America, letting each host entity to choose the topic in which the conference will focus, in order to tackle the most important and local problems. The Slip Resistance Group of Spain is an independent authority to prevent falls in the pedestrian traffic, whose aim is to understand the fall causes and search for solutions.

    The purpose of this conference, is to analyse subjects like falls prevention, ergonomics, rehabilitation and assistance products, the role of Architectural Design among other topics related to falls due to slip in public areas.

    The conference must be of interest, not only to all those related to the built environment, as architects and designers,  but also to ergonomists, footwear manufacturers or policy makers.

    The call for papers is open, everybody is allowed to send their abstracts related to this subject. Assistance registration to the event is also available.

    Visit this link for further information: https://www.stfmadrid2020.com/