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  • Google Maps was born to help people reaching places and improve mobility, and it keeps improving over the years, realizing some of the routes and indications provided by the app weren´t the most suitable for each person.

    That´s why wheelchair accessible routes and voice guidance for people with visual impairment were introduced.

    The wheelchair accessible routes option can be selected in the app and it offers information, and present different options especially about public transportation considering different mobility needs. This information can be also complimented with the Street view imagery to see the specific accessibility conditions of the streets or stations. In addition, local guides around the world supply information of the accessibility questions. This information is not only beneficial for wheelchair users, but for everybody.

    Detailed voice guidance also helps everyone, for example, when walking around a new place or moving around somewhere when it is not possible to check the screen. In this detailed guidance option, the information that can be found allows the user to know they are on the correct route or re-route on the opposite case.

    More information of these features can be found at Google´s blog: Wheelchair accessible routes and Detailed voice guidance