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  • We have to take advantage of these quarantine period and learn from this new situation. Nowadays all of us are feeling isolated and locked, and maybe is a good opportunity to approach to what many people with disabilities feel in their day by day when accessibility is not implemented even in their own houses in some cases, and they feel surrounded by obstacles. Maybe standing in their shoes we can learn and discover what we can do to ease everybody´s daylife from our.

    We are seeing these days how work, education and different industries, can be changed to adapt to the new circumstances and to better satisfy the needs that population presents. Flexibility and resilience have become an essential attitude for companies and people. Accessibility implementation needs of these same attitudes.

    In adition, some virtual events on accessibility are being carried out, where important concepts are introduced, like the A Future Date conferences.

    So all these new lessons can be used during these days while many projects are in standby mode, to reconsider our businesses, projects and designs to make sure these are accessible, or to take in consideration the needed changes to improve its accessibility.