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  • Christmas, appart of celebrating and eating, is time to go shopping, to get gifts for our relatives, fancy dressing for new year´s parties or to take advantage of the sale season.

    And to do so, accessibility is needed as well as during the whole year but during these days has also to be taken into account, and some tips should be kept in mind by businesses.

    Accessibility of the establishments, services and websites is the first step, the events, shows and markets has also to be designed to be accessible for everyone, and customer service can´t be forgotten.

    Disabilities can be visible or not, so the first thing businesses and organisations have to know are the needs of its customers, asking them, treating them with respect and making sure that everybody can access equally to the service provided and in case it is necessary be sure to have an alternative. It is necessary a good knowledge of the building and the access to the different parts of the building, as well as the evacuation procedures, ensuring the accessibility of it and the correct working of everything, and go beyond the legal obligation in the offered help and the information available.

    All services and products have to be offered with accessibility parameters and information about these conditions has to be provided to allow everyone to plan their holidays and activities.

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